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Your D&D Characters

We love elves, we adore halflings, we tolerate gnomes, we fear half orcs. Tell us all about your adventures through your beloved characters eyes.

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Scott Williams
Scott Williams
Apr 19, 2019

I have a character named Fiss Leneth, his first name mimicking the sound of his daggers cutting through the air. He is a half elf born from the affair of a charming bard from Yartar, and a wood elf from the High Forest. One day he took a gamble sitting in a magical chair, and gained lighting hair!... but not before the owner of the chair pulled out his K-9 teeth and replaced them with large fangs that reach past the chin (the first tooth against his will, the second to even things out). His most notable adventure to date is rescuing his brothers soul from a hag, though she escaped and has yet to be seen ever since. Wh…

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