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New Players


o you are interested in playing D&D, wonderful! Here we will attempt to explain what you need to get started.


The bare minimum a group needs (free):

One person from the group will be the Dungeon Master (or DM), and the rest will be players. 


A player will create a character (chapter one of core rules), and role play as that character through the scenarios the DM describes. You will use your skills and abilities in a variety of situations to press forward towards your goals, whatever they may be. A player should be familiar with the rules and abilities pertaining to their specific character as best as they can to keep game play smooth, but don't worry that gets better with time.



Dungeon Master (DM)

The first thing that should be said about being a Dungeon Master, is that you will have the most responsibilities. The DM will dictate the rules of the game, and thus should know them well. Don't worry though, no DM knows all the rules. Just expect to be referencing the rule book often at first


You will have to become acquainted with the adventure leg you will be running, and prepare for the next session. Dm's are also encouraged to write their own adventures and even create their own worlds, but at first we recommend trying a prewritten adventure. You will learn about the NPC's (none player character) in the adventure, so that as them you can interact with your players. You will prepare for battle encounters, and play as the opposition that is trying to kill or capture (mostly kill) the players.


Many things such as NPC's and setting description are laid out in adventure modules. However, many things you may have to describe are not written down at all. You may find yourself improvising a character that you just made on the fly because a player unexpectedly said they are going to walk into the kitchen of the bar they are at to thank the cook, and your adventure module says nothing of the cook (or the kitchen for that matter). 

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