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The Armory

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

A mighty foe deserves a mighty blade through the heart. This is where we discuss weapons of all sorts. Including what weapons you have had, what weapons you desire, and everything far and between.

An orc maul

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Scott Williams
Scott Williams
Sep 16, 2020

There was once a magic dagger named Fiend Seeker. After it reached its thrown destination, it would always return in hand (much like the Dwarven Thrower). It had a particular taste for slaying fiends as the name implies (extra D6 damage against fiends), This was the favored weapon of Fiss, until he pulled the wrong card from the deck of many things, and all magical items including the dagger and the deck itself disintegrated into nothing. The dagger was most likely destroyed, but maybe it remains somewhere... perhaps floating in the astral sea waiting to be found.

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